Being over Forty and Fat isn’t Fun

So, I start this blog as I am over forty, and I am overweight.  I have been overweight for a little while now. I have been this way for honestly far too long.  In the last year or so I took a very sedentary job, and and when I came home I didn’t move, I believe I have gained over 25 pounds in 2011.  It is time to take that off, and loose about 75 more pounds.  This is a really difficult thing to do.  As I love to cook, I have written a cookbook, and honestly I love food, I love food too much.

Last November, just before Thanksgiving I joined Curves.  I have been working out about three times a week for the past six weeks.  I am pleased to say that after today, I have lost six pounds.  While I don’t think the workouts at Curves are what I would call strenuous, they are good workouts, that do get my heart rate in the target zone.  I don’t end up overly sore, and for me, I thought this was a great option to try since I haven’t been working out in a very long, long time.

During the past six weeks I have not maintained a serious diet, I have tried to cut back and didn’t go for any super sizing the combos.  I did try to cut back on alcohol.  While I love to drink, I don’t think it helps someone’s diet what-so-ever.

Last week I began to order meals from My Fit Foods.  I had ordered them awhile back, and they were good.  But right now I am on the 21 day My Fit Food Challenge.  I can’t complain about it at all.  The food is good, and I haven’t been hungry since I started eating those meals.

So hopefully with a web page, I will document what I do, and hopefully I will get the weight off.  I hate how my knees creak, I hate that size 18 was getting snug.  So join me while I get started.

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