Food Log – January 7 2011

So today wasn’t quite the conventional day, I didn’t quite follow the plan.  I wanted to weight in at Curves this morning, and I wanted a good weigh in,  so that meant that didn’t want to eat and drink a lot before I went.



My Fit Foods – Small Trail Mix

Mid Morning Snack

My Fit Foods – Breakfast Mash Up

This one I really liked, it was eggs, brown rice, chicken, and some peppers.  This was tasty, and filling.


My Fit Foods – Salmon and Broccoli

This had grilled salmon, quinoa, and broccoli.   I thought the salmon was nicely spiced, and cooked well despite having to reheat it in the microwave.

Afternoon Snack

My Fit Foods – Hummus Bowl

This has to be one of my more favorite snacks, hummus, tomatoes, carrots, celery, and roasted chicken breast.  When I transition to my own foods this will be one that I try to replicate.

Afternoon – Off the plan

China Panda Cream Cheese Puffs – I want to do this recipe for CopyKat, so I tried this one.  Along with a large iced tea.  Tea is not on the plan either.

Dinner: My Fit Foods Barbeque Meal  & Chili

I don’t know how I got off track here, but this was a lunch, but I had it for dinner, it was dated today. I also had the chili entree I should have had today as well.


I know I was over the plan, but since I had a good solid work out, I am hoping that I will still be a net negative for today.



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