Another Start

So I have another start this year. I have started a modified Body for Life plan this week. I have had a couple of really harsh health indicators that would suggest that I am due for some serious health issues if I do not modify my lifestyle. Here are my current starting stats Starting Weight […]

Inspirational Video – What Does Five Pounds of Fat Look Like

So I don’t know why this video won’t embed like any other great video on youtube, but I think this is the most amazing video for helping you to visualize what five pounds of fat loss looks like.  He demonstrates what five pounds looks like in liquid, what a strip of fat would look like […]

Food Log – January 7 2011

So today wasn’t quite the conventional day, I didn’t quite follow the plan.  I wanted to weight in at Curves this morning, and I wanted a good weigh in,  so that meant that didn’t want to eat and drink a lot before I went.   Breakfast My Fit Foods – Small Trail Mix Mid Morning […]

Being over Forty and Fat isn’t Fun

So, I start this blog as I am over forty, and I am overweight.  I have been overweight for a little while now. I have been this way for honestly far too long.  In the last year or so I took a very sedentary job, and and when I came home I didn’t move, I […]